Our Story - The L2G serums


‘The 5 Minute Miracle Wrinkle Remover’

In 2009 I had the idea of creating a skin food to combat wrinkles and fine lines. Because I had studied Chemistry and Biochemistry at University thought that with help and the right ingredients it might be possible.

After many hours of research, reading, testing many other products on the market I made the first samples. I realised that this dream was far more complex than I had envisaged. I came to the conclusion that I would need fine and fresh natural skin friendly components that would happily mix together. This would mean short runs of production rather than mass production, sourcing the very best compounds and multi-filtering. My fuel was passion and I ended up making over 1000 samples before I had the breakthrough I needed.

I did not consider the cost or the time because I was dedicated to try to originate and not imitate and I believe in constant and never ending improvement. However in March 2012 I was happy that I had the right mix and the right bottle. It was a long journey and I am extremely grateful to everyone worldwide who helped and educated me plus all the superb suppliers who put up with me and my attention to detail. I humbly thank them all as I could not have achieved the results without them and their support. At Last! I ended up with a serum that had 2 main benefits. First, as a cosmetic, it has an immediate effect of helping to reduce wrinkles and fine lines in about 5 minutes. Secondly it has nearly all the ingredients to make a perfect skin food so it might have a long term benefit too.

We are very pleased with the reception the serum and range has so far received as we did everything it took to refine it. We are proud to lead the world with our Natural Cosmo-nutrition™ technology.

What Is LTG

LTG is a quick and easy wrinkle serum containing mainly natural ingredients that may help cosmetically eliminate wrinkles within 5 minutes. It also might be considered as a wonderful skin food. It has been developed from scientific research and analysis to help revitalize the skin, get rid of free radicals and so may help natural healing and well being long term.

Amino acids and...

their anti-aging significance. The right mix of amino acids acts as a complete regenerative treatment for the skin, hair and nails. It supplies vital active substances that are essential for improving hair quality, strengthening nails and increasing the skin's elasticity.

Beautiful shiny hair, strong fingernails and smooth, firm skin are characteristics of health and natural beauty.


People with Passion, People with Heart!

Have you ever wished you could earn a substantial income working with a professional business, with professional people, doing professional things in a professional way?

Well now you can! We aim to help change the lives of our clients by helping them to improve their appearance, help give them more healthy skin and so help improve their confidence and image.