Q. Can you give me a short summary of what you do? 
A. We are number 1 in the Cosmo Nutrition field, we manufacture sophisticated ,glamorous anti-age cosmetics. We are dedicated to help make designer cosmetics affordable for all our members who wants to look good and feel good. 

From our point of view as the manufacturers ….

Q. How do I join and what do I get when I join
A. To join you pay £35 (or current fee) and receive a special joining pack of designer products from the range (you might normally expect to pay up to £100 for this pack at retail prices). See current offer and payment details.
You can join by emailing us at enquiries@cosmo-nutrition.com or through the person that showed you the products.

Q What do I do with the pack?
A. You (and your friends or family) try and test the products and fill in and send your skin test report for each product. We thank and acknowledge your Skin Test Report then you are made a Member and are entitled to purchase our products at very special prices. We send you a members price list with the details.

Q. What are my benefits when I join?
1. Trying and testing the latest anti-age designer cosmetics
2. Getting a high value starter package with a massive discount
3. Being able, as a Member to buy at special prices throughout the membership
4. Getting extra rewards by introducing new members
5. Earning extra income and benefits part or full time
6. Helping to influence new products and improve existing ones through your feedback
7  Making new friends

Q. How can I help my friends and work mates by recommending that they join?
A. You can contact or send an email or text to your relatives and friends to help them to become members of Cosmo-Circles, so that they can also benefit from the great benefit sand advantages as a Member of Cosmo Circles and, in addition, obtain rewards from their membership and purchases (ask)
Q. How do I get more members?
A. By contacting your friends, relatives, work mates or contacts and friends and followers on face book Twitter etc
If Cosmo-circles detects that the communication provided is not found to be operative as a member , Cosmo-Circles will not use it for any purpose and will proceed immediately to its elimination not recording the said communication or email address in the Cosmo-Circle database.
Cosmo-circles shall assume no responsibility as it is the members themselves who make the invitations.  When you become a paid up member you can take advantage of all the offers available for you.
Becoming a member of Cosmo-Circles is very quick and easy.

Q. What are my rewards for helping to get new members
A. Please ask (email us for the latest bonuses and rewards) - we will send you the details.

Q. Do you test on animals?
A. We cannot condone the testing of any products on animals and we have not, and will never test any of our products on animals.

Q. Are the products bio-degradable? 
A. Because of the natural nature of our products most of our ingredients biodegrade extremely rapidly, we also mainly use packaging that can be recycled. We keep all our packaging to a minimum and do not put cosmetic containers into needless boxes. It is always useful to check your local recycling area as some local council’s do not recycle all types of plastic. In this instance we are happy for you to return any empty containers and we will arrange for them to be recycled.

Q. Will you spam me or flood me with "offers" or other junk mail I don't want?
A. No, we dislike spam as much as you. We have regular high value offers but you can unsubscribe from it if you don't wish to receive it.

Q.What if I have other questions?
A. We love to hear from our members. Please contact us if you have any questions, comments or queries.

Please check our site for lots more information www.cosmo-nutrition.com 

Cosmo Nutrition, Gilbert Wakefield House, 67 Bewsey Street, Warrington WA2 7JQ Tel 01925 574451