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 Frequently Asked Questions

What is L2G? L2G is a range of ‘Cosmo-nutrition’ skin care products. This includes a cleaner, toner, moisturiser 2 concentrated serums .L2G has a quick and easy wrinkle serum containing mainly natural ingredients that may help cosmetically eliminate wrinkles within 5 minutes. It also might be considered as a wonderful skin food. It has been developed from scientific research and analysis to help revitalize the skin, get rid of free radicals and so may help natural healing and well being long term.

How does the L2G serum Work?  On the Skin. L2G works by putting a skin conditioning layer around your wrinkles and also tightening the skin, so helping in quickly reducing the appearance of your lines and wrinkles. LTG is a naturally based cosmetic product. It might also be considered as a type of skin food as it is protein based that is why we call it cosmo-nutrition. It is important to understand the value of protein as food for our skin. Proteins are necessary for tissue repair and for the construction of new tissue. Every cell needs protein to maintain its life. Protein is also the primary substance used to "replace" worn out or dead cells.

Skin cells are replaced about 24 days and the building blocks of protein are amino acids. Therefore, our filtered ovum in the serum can be considered a complete protein because it contains all eight of the essential amino acids in the mixture of up to 20 amino acids. . One square inch of skin contains approximately 65 hairs, 100 sebaceous glands and 650 sweat glands. Every square inch of your skin is like a thousand open mouths, absorbing into the body most of what is put on it. It also contains a mix of natural oils, vitamins and minerals. These solutions that may work with cicatrinsant (healing) and cytophlactic (growth of healthy new cells) properties in synergy to help promote long term skin health

How quickly does it Work? Most people see immediate cosmetic results in about 5 minutes and the effects can last up to 8 hours. There is also the benefit of the protein and amino acids, vitamins and minerals etc in the serum this may help improvement in the skin when used regularly over a month. The initial speed of results is aided by the nature of some of the ingredients with the patented technology that we use.
L2G Delivery System - Patented delivery system – Increased Bio- Availability

  •  Unique to L2G the serum encapsulates non-polar (water insoluble) nutrient-compounds and makes them dissolve into water clear. 
  • Non polar (water insoluble) compounds are associated with poor absorption across polar (water soluble) lipids. 
  • Skin cells and mucosal tissues where nutrients absorb are composed of polar lipids.  As non-polar (water insoluble) nutrients come in contact with these surfaces, their ability to absorb and perform their biological function becomes minimized.  Encapsulating these nutrients to become water soluble increases their absorption across water soluble lipids. 
  •  L2G utilises patented technologies that encapsulate these non polar compounds to a nanometer scale.  The nanotechnology used to create the encapsulated particles are naturally derived and GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) for food making the serum effective, safe and uncompromised.


This is our complete Cosmo- Nutritition and Holistic Way of aiming for a healthier and younger looking skin
Can LTG be used on sensitive skin? If you have very sensitive skin or any pre-existing skin condition, we recommend that you always try and test on a small area of your skin or speak with your Doctor before using L2G
Is LTG tried and tested? L2G has been tried and tested over an intensive 2 year research programme. Our passion was to find a quick and easy way to reduce wrinkles using mainly natural ingredients. We use only the best filtered and refined products that can cost up to £2000 per litre.
Are there any side effects with LTG? If excess product is applied to the skin some discolouration may occur. This can be easily mitigated by applying less of the product in the future.
Is this product tested on animals? LTG has a strictly no-animal testing facility
How do I apply L2G?
Wash and cleanse your face thoroughly. Make sure you have removed any makeup and that your skin is completely dry.
Apply the serum from the bottle by passing across lines and wrinkles on any area of your face.
Avoid making any excessive facial expressions or movements (talking, smiling) while the product dries and activates for 2-3 minutes
Check the mirror and enjoy your new younger look.
Can I use a moisturiser with L2G? For best results your skin should be clean and dry. If you use a moisturiser wait until it is completely absorbed before applying LTG.Try testing with and without moisturizer to see what achieves the best results for your skin, since everyone's skin varies.
Apply LTG to any area of your face where wrinkles, lines or crow feet. Avoid getting the product in your eyes.
How long can I leave L2G on my face? You can wear L2Gfor as long as you want. The effects may last up to 8 hours. You should cleanse your face before bed with your regular facial cleanser. Some people put it on at night before they go to bed and cleanse in the morning.
How often should I use L2G? To help wrinkle-free skin you may use LTG every day.
Can I apply makeup when using L2G? Yes. You can apply makeup after you have applied LTG. Mineral makeup may help give better results but it is better to avoid using any oil based makeup.
How long will the serum last? The serum is made from natural fresh ingredients.
The serum also contains preservatives including a natural bio-preservative lysozyme. We also use the latest airless pump system to help prevent contamination and extend the life of the product. It will also extend the serum’s life if it is kept cool or even better in your fridge.


 What are the ingredients in L2G? We use the finest and most natural ingredients that we can source. The Cytoplasm and ovum is pasteurised and full of natural amino acids, minerals and vitamins. Additional nutrients come the oil based vitamins A, D. E and K and Omega 3 (micro encapsulated). We also have the added nutrition from Aloe Vera and Coconut Water in some of the products.
Do I need a prescription to buy L2G? No, check our list for your local distributor or email us for contact details and further information.

What Is LTG

LTG is a quick and easy wrinkle serum containing mainly natural ingredients that may help cosmetically eliminate wrinkles within 5 minutes. It also might be considered as a wonderful skin food. It has been developed from scientific research and analysis to help revitalize the skin, get rid of free radicals and so may help natural healing and well being long term.

Amino acids and...

their anti-aging significance. The right mix of amino acids acts as a complete regenerative treatment for the skin, hair and nails. It supplies vital active substances that are essential for improving hair quality, strengthening nails and increasing the skin's elasticity.

Beautiful shiny hair, strong fingernails and smooth, firm skin are characteristics of health and natural beauty.


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