How to use a Knight of Love and 'put a little love in the air'
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  1. Many perfumes and room and room odourisers are naturally intoxicating to some people. The spray that you have purchased may be a boost for your health and attractiveness factor. Our spray for men and women might work to attract a partner by improving the smell in the air near youDelayed release in or patented delivery system the spray may be a way to get the scent across to your partner, in a slow but very subtle way in the room or near vicinity

    The spray can be released into the air, or maybe on your clothes (check that it does not stain)much as it would be in nature and the attraction process might begin.

    Remember Personal Hygiene!

    Whilst the spray can attract, do not counter that advantage by going out unclean or wearing dirty clothing or, even worse with dirty shoes, teeth or unwashed hair!

    Our Room and air odourisers - the ‘love in the Air’  range are room odourisers and not intended to be a cosmetic , or applied to the skin diagnose, cure, mitigate, treat, or prevent any disease; nor is it intended to affect the structure or function of the body. It is never to be used by pregnant or lactating females. If in any doubt consult your doctor before using. It is not intended for internal use or for spraying on your skin.

What Is LTG

LTG is a quick and easy wrinkle serum containing mainly natural ingredients that may help cosmetically eliminate wrinkles within 5 minutes. It also might be considered as a wonderful skin food. It has been developed from scientific research and analysis to help revitalize the skin, get rid of free radicals and so may help natural healing and well being long term.

Amino acids and...

their anti-aging significance. The right mix of amino acids acts as a complete regenerative treatment for the skin, hair and nails. It supplies vital active substances that are essential for improving hair quality, strengthening nails and increasing the skin's elasticity.

Beautiful shiny hair, strong fingernails and smooth, firm skin are characteristics of health and natural beauty.


People with Passion, People with Heart!

Have you ever wished you could earn a substantial income working with a professional business, with professional people, doing professional things in a professional way?

Well now you can! We aim to help change the lives of our clients by helping them to improve their appearance, help give them more healthy skin and so help improve their confidence and image.