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The Surprising Secret of Making a Healthier Difference with the Natural Molecule of Love!

 Now At Last! You can spray a little ‘Love in the Air’ 
Our long-term work and research with natural proteins and amino acids in our cosmetic and vitamin formulations, designed for healthier skin, (see, lead us to study and work with formulations around oxytocin. The serum that we use in our cosmo-nutrition products already contains the nine amino acids that are in Oxytocin.The reason we studied oxytocin was that the scientific evidence was mounting with regard to its overall health benefits. Oxytocin for example may help to reduce stress, increase well-being, and generate relaxation,

Knight of Love spray is specifically designed to add to the brain’s natural production of oxytocin - (The hormone, cuddle chemical of love and bliss)

Our unique formulations take advantage of 2 years research and development that helped in our state of the art products. Plus we could also utilise the very advanced system to deliver the product.

The Delivery System - Patented delivery system

  •  Unique to Knight of Love and our range the formulations encapsulate non-polar (water insoluble) nutrient-compounds and makes them dissolve into water clear. 
  • Non polar (water insoluble) compounds are associated with poor absorption across polar (water soluble) lipids. 
  • Skin cells and mucosal tissues where nutrients absorb are composed of polar lipids.  As non-polar (water insoluble) nutrients come in contact with these surfaces, their ability to absorb and perform their biological function becomes minimized. 
  • Encapsulating these nutrients to become water soluble increases their absorption across water soluble lipids. 
  •  Our range utilises patented technologies that encapsulate these non polar compounds to a nanometer scale.  The nanotechnology used to create the encapsulated particles naturally and GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) for food making the range safe, effective and uncompromised..
  • That means that this superior technology helps to boost delivery and longer lasting release into the air.

What is Oxytocin?
It’s a hormone (polypeptide made up of amino acids). It is also a neurotransmitter (signal substance) that sends positive signals to the body during friendly physical touch. Oxytocin is a peptide of nine amino acids (a nonapeptide). Its systematic name is cysteine-tyrosine-isoleucine-glutamine-asparagine-cysteine-proline-leucine-glycine-amine (cys – tyr – ile – gln – asn – cys – pro – leu – gly - NH2, or CYIQNCPLG-NH2).

It has been described as the molecule of trust, connection, empathy, generosity and morals

What are the main benefits of using Love in the Air

This Knight of Love spray increases intimacy by helping to improve feelings of comfort, connection, communication, honesty and prosperity

The symphony of benefits

  • May help to make you more sexually attractive
  • May help to reduce stress, healing and improve general well being
  • Help to get you more smiles and eye contact from the opposite sex
  • Help improve your self-confidence
  • Help to attract the opposite sex to talk to you
  • Help to put the opposite sex at ease
  • Help to provide a boost for you current relationship
  • For singles help to get more dates with more intimacy
  • Help to Improve your sex life
  • Give to an extra edge in business
  • Can help in weight loss
  • In a pen spray with expensive perfume aroma

Oxytocin controls several vital functions and is crucial to our survival. Previously it was thought to be a female hormone because it triggers breast milk production and creates an emotional bond between mother and child. Today we know that the hormone plays a significantly greater role than that, and for men as well. For example, oxytocin lowers the blood pressure and stress hormone levels. We become more sociable and in touch with our surroundings. All touch is addictive and the effects remain for some time.


Oxytocin mainly fosters nurturing and caring behavior in the female while it facilitates erectile capacity in the male, providing ecstasy and is released in larger amounts during orgasm. This burst of oxytocin in the male is said to have been responsible for the sexual after-effect of lingering sense of drowsy well-being, the glow of pleasant contentment.

Oxytocin is also claimed to promote the male's nurturing behavior and his feeling affectionate towards his woman. [1]

  • Panksepp J. The foundations of human and animal emotions. New York: Oxford University Press;

What the Papers Say – From the Daily Mail

Forget Viagra, the 'Cuddle drug' could be the new way to boost performance in the bedroom

PUBLISHED: 13:58, 8 April 2012 | UPDATED: 01:26, 9 April 2012

'Cuddle drug' oxytocin could be the new Viagra       

Taking a chemical that helps mothers bond with their babies may not immediately strike you as the best way to improve a man’s libido.
But oxytocin, the so-called ‘cuddle hormone’, can dramatically improve male sexual performance, researchers have found – producing results on a par with Viagra.
One of the scientists behind the discovery and development of Viagra was so impressed that he described an oxytocin-based treatment as having ‘blockbuster potential’.
Oxytocin is a hormone naturally made in the body in both men and women, and is involved in sex, sexual attraction, trust and confidence.

Extra doses of the ‘cuddle chemical’ are released into a mother’s blood during labour – triggering the production of breast milk – and  flood the brain during breastfeeding, helping mother and baby bond.

It has recently been shown to make men more sensitive and in tune with others’ feelings, but its effects on the male physique was unknown until now.

Researchers in California published a paper on the hormone’s effects after giving it to a married father of three who suffered from attention deficit disorder and had difficulty in maintaining social relationships.

Research found that a married man who sniffed the spray twice a day saw a considerable improvement in his sexual performance

His relationship with his wife was also in difficulties, and conventional drugs either were not suitable or had unwanted side-effects.

Spraying the hormone up his nose twice a day did little to help his social phobia but did wonders for his love life, the Journal of Sexual Medicine reports.

His libido went from ‘very weak’ to ‘somewhat strong’, his  sexual arousal from ‘somewhat difficult’ to ‘somewhat easy’ and the act itself was easier to perform and more satisfying.
The spray also produced emotional benefits. The man said he found it easier to be affectionate towards his wife, while she said he wanted to be closer to her and was more tactile.
But not all its effects may be quite so welcome.
The man, who is identified only as Mr. B, also hugged a work colleague in a ‘very out of character’ way. At the time the paper was written, the man
had not experienced any other side-effects, despite using the oxytocin spray twice a day for several months.
However, the positive effects vanished if he stopped using the spray.

Unlike Viagra which just improves sexual performance, oxytocin was found to improve relationships and strengthen bonds
The University of California researchers said the improvements were ‘in keeping’ with those of Viagra.
They concluded: ‘These findings support trials directly examining the use of oxytocin to treat problems in this vital aspect of human function, especially in the context of stable, loving relationships.’
Others said that as Viagra does not work in all cases, there is a great medical need for a new drug.

Mike Wyllie, one of the team of scientists that discovered and developed Viagra for pharmaceutical giant Pfizer, said that for some men  who have had surgery, the little blue pills can work in as few as 10 per cent of cases.
With sales of Viagra and similar pills reaching almost £2.5billion year worldwide, there are billions to be made.
Dr Wyllie said that a drug based on oxytocin could have ‘blockbuster potential’.
However, he warned that drug watchdogs may be cautious about approving a medicine that has emotional as well as physical effects.

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Various spiritual teachings say that there are only two fundamental emotions: love and fear. For the body, this is true. All mammals, including humans, have two opposing hormonal responses to stimuli.
Threatening stimuli cause an increase of stress hormones—adrenaline and cortisol. Soothing or reassuring stimuli cause an increase in oxytocin.
A sudden threat triggers the fight-or-flight response associated with adrenaline. Adrenaline steps up heart rate, increases respiration, activates muscles, and promotes hyper-alertness. Longer-term stress (from a few minutes to days and weeks) increases a different stress hormone: cortisol. Cortisol, too, makes us hyper-vigilant, but its evolutionary functions are quite different than the temporary jolt of adrenaline designed to propel us out of danger.

The stress encountered by mammals—and our hunter-gatherer ancestors—was chiefly physical, not emotional. The most common physical stressors were probably starvation, long migrations, and critical injury. To cope with such emergencies, cortisol begins to break down non-essential organs and tissues to maintain blood sugar and feed vital organs. When cortisol stays at high levels, it automatically digests bones, muscles and joints to obtain these key nutrients. The result is elevated blood fats and sugar, which are related to many disorders. Another side effect is hunger; we reach for high-calorie foods.
Today our biggest long-term stressors are emotional and mental, not physical. In effect, we are a “new” scientific experiment. We face threats in the form of potential job loss, the pressure of commuting in heavy traffic, a barrage of fear-producing media, relationship disharmony in a marriage, etc. Even though these are not physical threats, our body has only one, automatic response: more cortisol. Cortisol is very hard on the body, so all these threats indirectly become physical threats.
Fortunately, we have a built-in mechanism for countering stress, which forms the basis of our alternativeresponse to stimuli. It entails another hormone, called oxytocin. Apart from its functions of inducing emotional bonding, labor, and lactation, oxytocin counters the effects of cortisol.This anti-stress effect of oxytocin is a recent discovery, and very exciting, because it points the way to better health by entirely natural means.

Fear - Cortisol

Love - Oxytocin


Anti-stress hormone

Arousal, Anxiety, Feeling stressed-out

Feeling calm and connected, Increased curiosity

Activates addictions

Lessens cravings & addictions

Suppresses libido

Increases sexual receptivity

Associated with depression

Positive feelings

Can be toxic to brain cells

Facilitates learning

Breaks down muscles, bones and joints

Repairs, heals and restores

Depresses immune system

Faster wound healing

Increases pain

Diminishes sense of pain

Clogs arteries, Promotes heart disease and high blood pressure

Lowers blood pressure, Protects against heart disease

Obesity, Diabetes, Osteoporosis


As you can see from the chart above, nearly all the negative effects of continued stress on the body and mind are related to elevated levels of cortisol. These include: chronic anxiety and depression, emotional over-reaction, negativity, weight gain, heart disease, high blood pressure, and weakened immunity. Oxytocin, by countering cortisol, can ameliorate all of these conditions—as well as some others (see list of recent discoveries at end of article).
Numerous activities produce more oxytocin: meditation, yoga, exercise, massage, caring for a pet, joining a support group, worshiping, and so forth. Yet one of the most important avenues for decreasing stress and increasing levels of oxytocin lies in our intimate relationships. In Love & Survival, Dr. Dean Ornish points out that love and intimacy are such powerful determinants of health that if they were produced in pill form, doctors who failed to prescribe them for unhealthy patients would be guilty of malpractice.
Incidentally, one might wonder why we can’t just take oxytocin pills to increase levels of this helpful hormone. Unfortunately, oxytocin doesn’t cross the body’s “blood/brain barrier,” except in the form of smell or nasal sprays.  T

Oxytocin has been nicknamed the “bonding hormone” and the “cuddle hormone.” We produce it naturally when we love, are loved, nurture another, give selflessly, or engage in affectionate touch. It is not the neurochemical behind lust or burning sexual desire, although it is associated with sexual responsiveness.
When we choose to make love by avoiding the stress-producing cycle of highs and lows of conventional sex with its attendant anger, resentment and discouragement—and substitute a very selfless, affectionate, more balanced form of lovemaking such as Karezza or Taoist lovemaking—we can improve our health and wellbeing. This shift takes time, and the effects are subtle at first. Yet consistency can lead to profound improvements in wellbeing in a surprisingly short time.

Oxytocin equates we could not fall in love without it. Cortisol equates with fear. These different hormones generate these opposing emotions, just as the emotions of love and fear trigger the production of these respective hormones. In other words, neurochemicals and behavior are circular. This means that with a bit of awareness and determination we can consciously direct our behavior toward the maintenance of our ideal hormonal balance
By the way, oxytocin is a very unique neurochemical; the more oxytocin we make, the stronger our body and mind respond to it. Our nerve cells actually sprout more oxytocin receptors, making them more sensitive to its effects. It grows easier and easier to be loving. Oxytocin is the neurochemical basis for the adage, “The more you give, the more you get.”
Recent scientific findings illustrating the benefits of oxytocin:
Oxytocin reduces fear. Increased levels of oxytocin inhibit the fight or flight response in the brain. (Huber, 2005)
Oxytocin speeds healing. Wounded hamsters heal twice as fast when they are paired with a sibling, rather than left in isolation (DeVries, 2004).

Oxytocin counters cravings for sweets. (Billings, 2006).
Oxytocin reduces antisocial behavior. The administration of oxytocin normalized social behaviors in animals exhibiting schizophrenia. (Lee, 2005)
Oxytocin promotes healthy social behavior. Administration of oxytocin reduces symptoms of autism. (Hollander, 2003)
Oxytocin reduces cravings. When scientists administered it to    rodents who were addicted to cocaine, morphine, or heroin, the rats opted for fewer drugs, or showed fewer symptoms of withdrawal. (Kovacs, 1998)
Oxytocin can help in weight loss
Oxytocin calms. A single rat injected with oxytocin has a calming effect on a cage full of anxious rats. (Agren, 2002)
Oxytocin levels were higher in both men and women who reported greater partner support. (Grewen, 2005)
Oxytocin appears be a major reason that SSRI’s ease depression, perhaps because high levels of cortisol are the chief culprits in depression and anxiety disorders. (Uvnas-Moberg, 1999)
Oxytocin increases sexual receptivity and counteracts impotence, which may explain why this other way of making love remains pleasurable. (Pedersen, C.A., 2002), (Arletti, 1997)
* Sexual arousal: Oxytocin injected into the cerebrospinal fluid causes spontaneous erections in rats, [1] reflecting actions in the hypothalamus and spinal cord. Centrally administrated oxytocin receptor antagonists can prevent noncontact erections, which is a measure of sexual arousal. Studies using oxytocin antagonists in female rats provide data that oxytocin increases lordosis behavior, indicating an increase in sexual receptivity.[2]

  • Experimental proof

1^ a b c Gimpl G, Fahrenholz F (April 2001). "The oxytocin receptor system: structure, function, and regulation"Physiological Reviews 81(2): 629–83. PMID 11274341.

2^ Bancroft J (September 2005). "The endocrinology of sexual arousal". The Journal of       Endocrinology 186 (3): 411–27.doi:10.1677/joe.1.06233PMID 16135662
Oxytocin counteracts the effects of cortisol, the stress hormone. Increased levels of oxytocin in the brain decrease levels of blood cortisol. (Legros, 2003)
Oxytocin may increase longevity. Companionship can increase longevity—even among those who are HIV positive (Young, 2004).
Oxytocin may also explain why, among various species of primates, care-giving parents (whether male or female) live significantly longer. (Cal Tech, 1998) Thanks to Gary Wilson and Marnia Robinson

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