Why People Buy

 We asked clients to tell us why they buy and continue to buy our products- they told us that it is because:-

  • You can have a Free Test and usually see the results in 5 Minutes
  • Great Value for money
  • Personal service and Free and friendly advice


  • Our distributors are trained in Cosmo-Nutrition – they are confident, enthusiastic and competent. They love helping and answering all your questions.
  • They are local and offer excellent service and commitment.
  • They offer you a more natural holistic (total) approach
  • You can have a Free Demonstration. Enjoy the Wow Factor. Seeing and experiencing is believing?
  • The products: An extensive range that most women want – cleanser, toner, moisturiser, relaxer and nourishment. State of the art technology. It is British too – made in the UK. We are number 1 the world in Cosmo - Nutrition technology.
  •  Fresh Stock, fast delivery and great value too
  • Holistic approach
  • The science of how and why it works.Tried and Tested and helps to give fast results initially – in under 5 minutes! This means initial use of the product will help give the result and the confidence
  • L2G 321 is a super- natural way to help improve your skin.
  • The products are:-1. They are more natural.  2. They are more complete 3. They are more readily bio- available for the body to immediately use – fast food!
  • The 5 minute Miracle Wrinkle Remover Has the WOW factor!
  • The products are: - Efficient, Safe. Effective and Affordable
  • The Products are in an Airless pump bottles and contains a natural preservative Helps to avoid possible painful, expensive surgery or injections. Helps to Feed, Smooth, Lift and Firm your skin
  • Can also help tighten the skin around and under your eyes, hands, forehead & mouth.
  • Fresh and exciting - Contains natural ingredients that can cost up to £2000 per litre.
  • Initial cosmetic effect lasts for up to 8 hours.
  • Packed with a concentrated balance of natural amino acids, vitamins and essential nutrients it could be described a wonderful skin food. Now contains all the water based and oil based micronutrients.
  • The L2G serums are concentrated (no added water)
  • Performance and effect usually improves if consistently used over 30 days
  • Therefore helps to give you younger looking skin in the short and long term
  • We are different to most cosmetic companies Short runs
  • Fresh natural and organic products – Bio-Fast technology.
  • Less preservatives Shorter shelf life (Up to 120 days)
  • Keep in the fridge for freshness

Your Free Test! Maybe our products will work for you maybe they will not but our distributors simply ask you to try our Free 5 Minute Test – so it will cost you nothing to find out!
Simply contact or email us now

        Please email me on dfc321@hotmail.com or txt or ring 07710 500111

What Is LTG

LTG is a quick and easy wrinkle serum containing mainly natural ingredients that may help cosmetically eliminate wrinkles within 5 minutes. It also might be considered as a wonderful skin food. It has been developed from scientific research and analysis to help revitalize the skin, get rid of free radicals and so may help natural healing and well being long term.

Amino acids and...

their anti-aging significance. The right mix of amino acids acts as a complete regenerative treatment for the skin, hair and nails. It supplies vital active substances that are essential for improving hair quality, strengthening nails and increasing the skin's elasticity.

Beautiful shiny hair, strong fingernails and smooth, firm skin are characteristics of health and natural beauty.


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Have you ever wished you could earn a substantial income working with a professional business, with professional people, doing professional things in a professional way?

Well now you can! We aim to help change the lives of our clients by helping them to improve their appearance, help give them more healthy skin and so help improve their confidence and image.